4m plant sock for the garden planting flowers and plants

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1m stretchable "PLANTUFLEX" garden sock is the guarantee for beautiful garden plants without weeds. A highly durable flexible non-rottable plant sock that protects your flowers, plants and garden plants from weeds and pests. It helps you make the garden and flower beds add. He makes sure that you do not always have to chop weeds and keep your plants from insects. Strawberries and are not bogged in harvesting clean. You do not pay attention to crop rotation and use him more on the terrace, on the balcony, in the front yard or in the greenhouse. It is also ideal for pond design and the cultivation of vegetables.


The seed tube is filled with potting soil / planting medium and closed. A small incision in the tissue with scissors or craft knife and through the resulting hole, press your plants.

Material filter bag: 100% Polyester

Ökotexstandard-100 No.: Z1.0.7578

Color: black

Diameter in mm: 200

Water permeability in l / m sec: 400

Stretched diameter in mm: 405

Tensile strength in the longitudinal N / m: 480

Transverse tensile strength in N / m: 515

Tensile Elongation along in%: 45

Tensile Elongation% in transverse: 68

Puncture force in N: 150

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