Drain pipe DN50 filter sleeve sock kit - 50m

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Drain pipe and drain hose filter for professional creation of a drainage system. The durable filter bag prevents the introduction of soil particles into the drainage pipe. It prevents the clogging of the slots of the drain pipe and provides a greatly improved water permeability. The drainage of the soil is ensured permanently.

50 meters Set: The drain pipe (DN50, yellow, perforated) and the drainage hose filter (F50, white, knitted) are designed for craftsmen and gardeners the perfect solution for creating a durable drainage system.

The processing is simple. Pull the transverse tensile tubular filter like a sock on the drain pipe. He can use scissors or a craft knife then simply be cut to the appropriate length. The drainage pipe is installed according to the application directly into the ground or into a gravel trap.

With a drainage filter hose covered drain pipes systems are recommended for all underground drainage pipe. It is particularly suitable for sandy and muddy ground conditions. The robust and flexible fabric is made ​​seamlessly on special circular knitting machines of high tenacity yarn. It is in contrast to coconut fiber-clad drainage pipes rot and is not as simple thermo-bonded nonwovens to. The durability of the groundwater-neutral filter fabric tubing is roughly equivalent to that of the drainage tube.

For the delivery of the drainpipe Your phone number is necessary so that the driver of the forwarding agent can agree a date with you. (Tube and filter are delivered separately)


Draining of masonry

House and site drainage

Drainage and irrigation of gardens and agricultural land

Creation of ebb / flood systems in Reitplatzbau

Road drainage

Golf course and sports field construction

Drainage filter hose (Shipping by DHL)

Length: 50 m

Material filter bag: 100% Polyester

Ökotexstandard-100 No.: Z1.0.7578

Diameter in mm: 40 - 50

Water permeability in l / m² sec: 400

Weight in g / m²: 120

Diameter in mm stretched: 150

Longitudinal tensile strength in kN / m: 2.1

Tensile strength crosswise in KN / m: 2.3

Tensile Elongation along in%: 45

Tensile Elongation across in%: 68

CBR puncture force in N: 150

Drainage tube (shipping by freight carrier)

Manufacturer: Franconian pipe mills

Diameter: DN 50

Length: 50 m

Material: 100% PVC flexible

Color: yellow, perforated

Slit width in mm: 1.2

Water inlet area in cm ² / m: 21.9


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