1 m drainage filter sock drain sleeve for drainage pipes DN 100

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"A knitted drainage filter sleeve sock is a necessary component in creating a long-term effective drainage. The drainage filter hose acts as a filter layer and drainage layer, which is used both for earthworks, construction and horticulture. During the draining of masonry in the basement area is a long and well-functioning Drainage is an essential prerequisite for sustained to reduce the moisture in the masonry. A crocheted or knitted filter drain hose prevents Einschwemmung of sand and silt into the drain pipe and ensures that the slots of a Drainagrohres remain free and unhindered by disperse water. "

The "Flex drain" drainage sleeve filter F100 is designed for professional use in gardening and construction of irrigation and drainage, and where it has proved for many years. He can carry his good extensibility of a person easily and simply  the drainage pipe DN100 be drawn. With the "Drainflex" filter you the drainage hose is made slightly embarrassed. The "drainFlex" filter sleeve can by its defined surface structure and can be suspended particles therethrough resulting a natural filter layer around the drain pipe

By the increased water inlet area to the pipe, an increase in water permeability of up to 300% is achieved. The "Drainflex" filter hose does not rot. A normal coconut shell e.g. rots after 8 - 10 years. It protects the drainage system in the long term from clogging the drain pipe holes. Even after a stress fracture of the tube (eg, high / low tide systems in riding arenas or surface drainage in horticulture) prevented the robust filter out sand and silt in the drainage pipe.

Fields of application:

Irrigation and drainage of agricultural land

Drainage of masonry

House and yard drainage

Creation of high / low tide systems (riding arena construction, horticulture)

Road drainage

Sports field construction

Filter Sleeve:

Length: 1 m

Material filter bag: 100% Polyester

Ökotexstandard-100 No.: Z1.0.7578

Diameter in mm: 100 - 140

Water permeability in l / m sec: 400

Stretched diameter in mm: 405

Tensile strength in the longitudinal N / m: 480

Transverse tensile strength in N / m: 515

Tensile Elongation along in%: 45

Tensile Elongation% in transverse: 68

Puncture force in N: 150

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